African Lion Safari, Canada -

Australia Zoo, Australia -

Bronx Zoo, USA -

Buffalo Zoo, USA -

Calgary Zoo, Canada -

Cango Wildlife Ranceh, Africa -

Central Park Zoo, USA -

Central Zoo Authority, India -

Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust -

Endangered Wildlife Trust, Africa -

Hoedspruit Research and Breeding Centre for Endangered Species, South Africa -

Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre, Africa -

Honolulu Zoo, India -

India Wildlife Organization -

Wildly Wild, India -

Interactive Conservation, USA -

International Zoos Educators Association, Switzerland -

Johannesburg Zoo, Africa -

Melbourne Zoo, Australia -

National Zoological Gardens, Sri Lanka -

Nehru Zoological Park, India -

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East London Aquarium, South Africa:

East London Zoological Gardens, South Africa:

Hartebeespoort Dam Snake & Animal Park, South Africa:

Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary, United Arab Emirates -

Scottish Wildlife Trust -

Sea World, Gold Coast, Australia -

uShaka Sea World Durban, South Africa -

The Elephant Sanctuary, USA -

Toronto Zoo, Canada -

Umgeni River Bird Park, South Africa -

Wildlife Conservation Society, USA -

Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Sri Lanka -

Nature Canada, Canada -

Wildlife Preservation, Canada -

WWF - World Wildlife Foundation -



You are UNIQUE! This means YOU have special gifts to help change the world. Talk to your parents about ways in which you can recycle or conserve at home. Ask the wonderful folk at zoos and conservations close to you how you can get involved in all kinds of fun and educational activities. Get your friends and neighbours involved. Look up websites for zoos and wildlife conservations, and check out what’s going on around the world!